Gun Control is a Tool For Social Control

The government of Newark, NJ is offering $1000 as a reward for turning in someone who has a gun when the government does not allow it.

The Alliance of the Libertarian Left believes that problems are best solved without government. Government by its very nature is responsive to the needs of the politically privileged, not the needs of productive individuals.

The Newark government's offer is repugnant to liberty for several reasons:

1) It is rooted in the idea that defending one's own life is a privilege given by politicians and bureaucrats. If the government takes responsibility for your life, then the government controls your life.

2) Offering money to turn in neighbors is a deliberate attempt to destroy community solidarity when it works in ways unfavorable to the political elite.

3) Government "crime control" measures are designed to improve conditions for the privileged. Liberty benefits everyone except the political class. Those who suffer most under the status quo need liberty the most.

4) Blaming urban crime on gun possession shifts the blame for urban decay away from the destruction of communities for the benefit of privileged interests, and implies that certain classes of people are incapable of possessing dangerous items.

The more easily people are able to defend themselves from harm, the safer they will be. The government of Newark wants only certain people to be able to defend themselves, and the rest are expected to rely on government to provide for them. Libertarians recognize that governments exist for the benefit of the political class. When the productive class realizes that they do not need government, they will take the liberty that has been withheld from them.